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The year is 1998.

Two young adventurers, one dashingly good looking and roguishly confident, the other astonishingly smart and intensely creative, decide to take on the world. And what a world it was in 1998.

On the musical front bands like Green Day and and Savage Garden were hitting the big time and Madonna released Frozen from her Ray of Light album. It was an instant hit.

Elton John was knighted, and then introduced as Sir John Elton. This was later corrected to Sir Elton John. We’re surprised they didn’t throw in the title Dame, just for laughs.

Less funny was George Michael’s arrest in a public toilet in Beverely Hills. Ok it wasn’t less funny.

No less funny than US President Bill Clinton who heard from Monica Lewinsky’s lawyers…

Oh and David and Victoria got engaged.

And the Grammy for the Best Song of the Year went to Shawn Colvin with Sunny Came Home. I know right, remember her? No. Won Record of the Year too.

The year was no less interesting for the world of cinema. Titanic won eleven of the little Oscar statues, including Best Director and Best Picture. REALLY???? Fortunately, Men in Black, The Full Monty, Good Will Hunting and As Good As It Gets, kept us sane. Helen Hunt was Best Actress and Jack Nicholson Best Actor, both in As Good As It Gets.

Television kept us sane, with the likes of South Park and The Simpsons. Thank God.

For the sportingly inclined, France won the football World Cup ’98, Mika Hakkinen was the F1 Driver’s World Champion, Pete Sampras and Jana Novotna were champions of Wimbledon.

More importantly, especially for the research on this essay, Google was founded and Google.com registered.

Google wasn’t the only company that started in 1998. Blink New Media arrived on the scene, one of the first “web design” companies in South Africa and quickly made a big impact, launching first websites for companies such as Sun International and Nestle.

Still around after these years, we have grown up with the web and everything else that it is now. From mobile marketing to SEO, we have seen it happen and made it work for our clients.

Thank you to all of those who have shared the journey.

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We have delivered more than 500 websites in 18 years
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Accelerated roll-out of domestic fibre-based, internet access and convenient, cost-effective delivery methods, are the primary drivers behind the growing role of e-commerce in the South African market.

Content Marketing

SEO is based on content. Content marketing is the strategic approach to creating and distributing compelling, relevant content that your audience values and responds to.


Strategy is the blood that courses through every digital project and campaign. Carrying life-giving meaning to the brief, the design, the functionality, the execution.