Blink is a strategic digital marketing services consultancy that specialises in creating and implementing successful integrated marketing solutions that deliver results. We start every strategy from the user up. Understand the user and make life easy for her.



Strategy is the blood that courses through every digital project and campaign. Carrying life-giving meaning to the brief, the design, the functionality, the execution.

Built on a deep understanding of your business, your customers, your goals and your history, the digital strategy guides all of the elements that make up your marketing approach.

The “connected consumer” controls the marketing relationship, deciding what messages she will allow into her sphere, where she will consume those messages and whether she will take action on that communication. A clear, effective strategy, based on insights, statistics and analysis, means that the team executing your projects understands where and how to reach your customer, long before the design and development process commences.

Strategy doesn’t end with going live of course. The beauty of digital is that everything is measurable and our on-going strategic analysis and reporting ensures that you are always in the know on what’s working or not working, allowing us to continuously optimise and refine the tools.



Accelerated roll-out of domestic fibre-based, internet access and convenient, cost-effective delivery methods, are the primary drivers behind the growing role of e-commerce in the South African market.

Working with a specialist Prestashop team we can bring you a best-practice e-commerce website, and the subsequent specialist marketing strategy to deliver traffic and sales.


Google Ads & paid social

Our Google certified media professional designs, implements and manages bespoke strategies to deliver you qualified results for your PPC, search and display campaigns.

Ask about our results incentivised fee option, where you only pay for results delivered!



If you have pivoted your small business to digital over the last two years, you’ll know how important it is to have a reliable and secure hosting service. We offer extremely competitive hosting and support rates for small and medium businesses with support and maintenance options. Ask for a quote today.


Social Media

Having a Facebook account doesn’t make you a social-media manager. Our team of content and community managers, will manage your social channels, from content calendar and asset design, to managing your community, and measuring the impact and success daily.

Your audience profiles will determine which channels will best suit your strategy, and what content is going to thrill and enthral.


Email Marketing

Often the “dull cousin” of marketing, email remains powerful and effective, when it’s done right. Subject lines, content copy, design all make up a successful campaign. Database management and accurate segmentation reduce wastage and reporting encourages improvement. Don’t be shy.

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Some brands we’ve worked with over the last 24 years:

Sun International
Standard Bank
First National Insurance Brokers
READ Educational Trust
Joburg Roads
Dragonfly Africa